Manufactured Homes in Extreme Weather


We all must deal with extreme whether at times, no matter what part of the country we live. If you own a manufactured home, your home is more vulnerable to harsh forces of nature than a standard home. They are not as sturdy or resilient as a standard home either. The tips below will help you keep your home and everything inside secure.           


Earthquakes are unpredictable, so safety and preparedness must be regularly practiced. Manufactured homes in an earthquake can experience a lot of damage. To prepare, designate areas in your home away from windows that are safe for cover. Do not try to run from your home; mobility is limited during an earthquake. You have the option to reinforce your mobile home with an Earthquake Restraint Bracing system (ERBS). An ERBS consists of two large cross beams that are built under your mobile home. In the event of an earthquake, the cross beams provide additional stability to your home.



Many parts of the United States experience snowstorms in the Winter. Though snow seems to float light, it can become extremely heavy as it builds up. This can do a significant amount of damage to the roof of your mobile home. If the storm isn’t extreme, regularly remove the snow from your roof so it doesn’t cause moisture damage or a cave-in. Also be mindful that the pipes in your plumbing system may freeze. When you purchase your manufactured home, be sure to understand your Roof Load Zones. The Roof Load Zone is the amount of weight that your roof can safely hold. If you don’t think your roof is strong enough, you can always have a stronger one built.

Heavy Rain/Flood

Floods and heavy rain can do a lot of damage to a mobile home. Mobile homes are usually elevated from the ground so this gives your home a slight advantage against low floods. The skirts on your mobile also act as a flood defense. Be sure that the skirts are in good condition. You have the option to purchase skirts made of stronger material for more safety. If your community does receive a flash flood warning, ensure that your mobile home is properly anchored. This will prevent it from floating away.        

Hurricanes & Tornadoes

Just like a site-built homes, manufactured homes are not resistant to high winds from tornadoes and hurricanes. Never try to stay in your homes during these weather events. To prepare, designate a nearby shelter or safe location to flee to during hurricanes and tornadoes. You can also find ditches and low areas to stay safe. Many homes in tornado prone areas have basements and underground living spaces to stay safe during an earthquake. Consider having one built on your property if possible. Most communities have tornado warning systems. Be sure to understand how the system works where you live.

Assurant Insurance Logo - Assurant Manufactured Home InsuranceUnfortunately, extreme weather is something we must all experience. Know what kind of weather your area is susceptible to and take the proper safety measures. If your mobile home is damaged during extreme weather, repairs may be costly. To protect your home and valuables, look into obtaining Assurant Manufactured Home Insurance. There are numerous policies with coverage options for losses that occur during harsh weather. We can help you find the best rates from Foremost Insurance help you narrow down your options to a policy that fits your needs. Request a free Assurant Manufactured Home insurance quote now and get instant results!